Today, I felt so vulnerable.

I felt so much hatred toward me in the office being kept from the morning until the afternoon.

I wasn’t sure if the hatred came from myself or the others.

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A collaboration with @ftkf as an amazing lyricist. One of my most delicate music ever. “Later Than Too Late.” :))

This is my old-new song. I’ve made it a long time ago, but just uploaded it now. Please babe, let it go. Free download!

Kak @ftkf, I sing your twit, but really, love heals yet hurts at the same time. Your twits are amazing. Keep it up. :)

You are going to love my song. This song, I made it with a quarter of my heart. Still cool, anyway. Free for all.

"ari wa… Waduk Sia." Siapa tau ada yg kangen kayak saya sama lagu kaulinan barudak ini, free download for all. :)

Ga berlebihan buat ngegambarin kota @infobandung dalam sensasi musik folk Inggris. Free download sih ini. #Mamaneh! ;)

@erizs kalo udah pada didonlotin, kasih tau yak. Mau dihapusin lagi

@erizs ini nih..

Bro @deyya, ini lagunya sudah selesai. Your turn. Selamat ulang tahun Indonesia!! :)